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Being a wife cum student is…..

It feels surreal… everything that has been going on. I’ve prepared all my life for this and yet, it still feels unprepared. Being a wife and a student cannot be more of a dream come true for me.

Hi all! Welcome and thank you for tuning in. This is my personal blog and seeing you here makes my heart flutter with joy. I hope that this post brings you insights as well as brighten up your day as you go through it.

Ahh, you read the title right. I am officially and happily a wife now! Yaay, right? It happened so fast I couldn’t even invite you to the wedding. I will narrate the story in another post tho.

But now that I am a wife, I feel like everything is pleasant and wonderful than before. I feel more responsible and more familial 🤭 than I have ever been.

Adding to that, I am a wife cum student too.

I have double duties and double joy all the more. So, this joy is now uncontainable and I somehow am on the sidewalk, writing this to you all. Wanna see?

So… here’s something I’ve learnt.

I cannot just sit idly at home and wait for my husband to come to me. What do I do with all the spare time? And what do I do home alone?

Also, I didn’t want my marriage life to be a boring one. I want to make it fun. I want to have fun. Even if that means having fun all by myself. He is off to work, and I haven’t secured a job myself.

Here’s what I did instead:

1. When we get up, I get myself super busy with house chores. That leaves him a little less chores to complete in the morning.

2. After I’m done with all that, I, either, get him all prepared and dressed up for the day, or I get dressed up and leave home together

3. My day starts after he leaves home. So I would open my To-Do app and write down things I planned to do. Sometimes there are 3 and sometimes 13. I just cannot get myself to not use the app. Here’s what it looked like:

4. After I tick off some tasks, I take a break and chill for atleast 20 mins.

5. And I repeat. After ticking off all the house chores and Today’s, I move on to my assignments task. It kinda looks like this:

And then I do some social media stuff and end my day when he reaches home.

I say that cuz when he comes home, it’s not his time or my time anymore but our time. And we spend our time together, doing absolutely nothing but making our today’s stories come alive.

Oh and we would talk until dinner and go to sleep.

Haha. As simple as it sounds, I feel like I am juggling work like a clown. I am a happy clown if that is all it takes. 🤭

Thank you for reading. If you liked it or could relate to it, do comment below.

See you next upload! 🙋🏽‍♀️