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Order of the Bible: Sorted by number of chapters

Hey there, I searched all through the internet to find the books the Bible sorted by the number of chapters but I couldn’t find them. The reason I wanted them was that I thought of reading the Word starting from books with the least number of chapters and then proceeding on to the others. I finished Obadiah and Haggai but don’t really know what else to read since it was hard to sort out the other books as Nahum, Malachi, and others had 3 chapters each.

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By the way, if you are new here, welcome to AcinoInspira. I will be sharing with you Bible-related content as well as my lifelong journey in this blog. Be sure to check out my other blogs here… I hope the following sorted-out list helps you in just any way possible. But most importantly, I hope it sparks the flame inside your heart to read the Word even more. I will be following this sequence of the list until I finish reading the “Minor Prophetical Books”. Ooh, if you have the YouVersion Bible App in your device(s), add me too. We can also share plans, and Bible verses, and even pray for each other. Would love to befriend you in the App.

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Also, I have a YouTube channel, named “Study Glow“, where I am trying to share the not-so-obvious things I realized about the Word, and help others by encouraging them to get into the Bible and discover God more. But in the meantime, I am just traveling through this confidence journey

Here is your list of the Bible sorted out:

Thank you for visiting and have fun reading the Bible! God bless!

Do comment below on your approach to read the Word. Some might just be motivated by what you do. I will be commenting there too, but I also would like you to start first. Take the lead, my fellow friend.

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