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10 tips on starting a YouTube channel + 3 BONUS TIPS😉

So… I hear you think of starting a YouTube channel? Does this mean you’re tired of becoming a “YouTubee” or is it because there is no such word?

Hello and welcome to this awesome post! I say it is awesome because I have finally found someone to share my journey alongside. I hope you like this blog and do follow me for more YouTube tips!

Now, let’s get going! (Except we’re not going anywhere and just scrolling below. See ya downstairs)

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Here, I will share with you ten things on starting a YouTube Channel and influence some people on the internet! The reason I wanted to do this was that I just started this channel. Although I started it a few weeks ago, I really wanted to share with you what I learned so far, and what I wish I knew from the start. I just didn’t want to wait until I get successful, because by then I might have forgotten the things I did when I started. So, here we go…

Let’s begin with number…

  1. Ask yourself questions. Now, some of you may have seen this similar post on my previous post but asking questions helps you define the reasons every time. Okay, first, and foremost, let’s ask you why you wanna do it! Okay, I will go first. I created a YouTube channel so I can achieve “confidence” and film my 3-year college journey as well. How about you? (psst! write the answer in your sticky note)

    Wow! What a reason you’ve given! This could be enough for starting a channel and start influencing. But before we do that, let’s do some
  2. Consistency check. Now, after your given reason, (I wish I had known, but you won’t let me see it😋) make plans. Make a schedule on consistency! Here, decide on whether you can be consistent in your uploading schedule, or on your content if you are not sure about being consistent on your uploading schedule. Check what else is needed for you to have consistency. These are what I’ve learned so far: Consistency in time, tags, video, and brand.
  3. Plan for your brand. Here you need to start planning for what kind of colors you wanna use for your brand. Now, this is an important step to take because this is where people will understand your consistency. Show them your brand so they can be inclined to trust in you. Decide the colors, and the logo(if you’re not giving your channel name your name), and the Channel name!
  4. Get to know your niche. Again, same ol’ point. But discovering and deciding your niche will help you reach out better to a targeted audience than just randomly targeting viewers. It is said that having an audience that shares similar interests is better than an audience having no interest at all. So choose wisely.

    Once you realize your niche, you can go ahead and…
  5. Plan your content. This is what I did when I first started out. I take the number of my age and planned out that the exact number of content/videos. But of course, I won’t ask you to do this. You can start brainstorming and planning out your content. It all depends on you tho, whether you go for 100-content planning or a 5. I will recommend you to try planning out 5 content for your video and go on to the next step, and that would be ~ a lot of…
  6. Research. Check out different videos and influencers on how they handle their channel. Check out their designing skills and whatever it is that you feel should be included in your channel as well. Just don’t steal other people’s ideas. This will not take you anywhere. Plus, YouTube will take down your channel if you don’t adhere to the guidelines.
  7. Enroll in courses. Speaking of guidelines, it would be best if you could enroll yourself in the YouTube Creators’ Academy. What? You’ve never heard of this before? How is that possible? This is the best thing you could get yourself enrolled into, (nope, not getting sponsored but telling you out of care). It’s free, has tests and course exams, and just anything you could possibly need to know about YouTube. (if you’re like me, who doesn’t like to read the terms and privacy, or the guidelines even, then I suggest you get on with this and watch their videos instead). But then again, you can also choose a paid course too.
  8. Choose your mentors. Now, I think this is quite possible for you. (If you do have a mentor, you could still use this tip and have two mentors) This was what I had in mind when I created Study Glow. I chose three mentors for my channel: someone who I would take inspiration (not copy) from, who has the same niche or something similar, and become motivated to do things because these people are the best motivators for me. You could try having a mentor if not 3. Basically, you just need to choose, among your favorite influencers, the people you will be depending on for motivation and inspiration.
  9. Pick a spot. Yep, this is the time when you almost get to film (but not yet). Pay attention to lighting, angle, and your surrounding sounds. These things play a very crucial role in your first video. Make sure all are checked and taken care of. If not, you’ll find it hard to edit your video later on. It’s better to find (not the perfect, but) a better spot for filming than settling with a distracting background.
  10. Get creative with filming. This is where most of the “you” inside would want to give up, but just don’t listen to it! Just do it! You’ll be proud of yourself. This will be your first video. So, let it all out! Introduce yourself and your channel, (if possible, read out what you wrote in that sticky note before) and just get creative.

    Don’t stress too much tho. Nobody likes the first video anyway. It’s just there for you and your subscribers to know why you’re doing it. You don’t see people giving a speech starting with the body, do you? It always has to have an intro.
  11. Time to edit. Pick up the free software. Don’t invest in just anything yet! You filmed with what you already had, not a DSLR. So even for the editing software, try to get to know the tool and familiarize yourself with it. Maybe you can also watch some videos and tutorials on how to edit.
  12. Upload your first video. This is the final step! You upload your video and share it with your audience or basically anyone you know. But don’t force them to like or subscribe. Remember, sharing a video doesn’t mean promoting yourself. It means, ” I just want to let you know that this has been one of my favorite achievements”. If they liked your video, they will eventually press that button. You won’t even have to say a word. Just try out “Hey, check out my first YT vid. I just filmed it”
  13. Don’t compare. Now, after you’re done with the video, don’t get all too crazy about the numbers just yet. I faced this scenario where I compared myself with others and felt like giving up. Just try not to compare your videos with others. You have just begun this phase of starting a YouTube channel. Focus on what you could do next, not on other people’s success/failure. This is the time where you need a lotta brainstorming and not depression or anxiety. Chill and wait for your time to grow!

So these are the few steps to follow when you are really passionate about starting your dream channel. All the best! And share with me when you do, I will support you in any way…

Comment below if you have any other questions or have a tip for my next blog post, (cuz, rn, I am running out of ideas)

Until next time! Byeeeee….

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Blogging | Why it?

Do you need help with enhancing your thoughts about starting a blog? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

It is right to think about it first, research more than you think you should; making sure if this is what your heart (or head) wants to do.

Before blogging, or starting a business on blogging, here are a number of things you would need to ask yourself.

1. Why?

Ask yourself why.

What is the reason behind your wanting to blog? Maybe you have reasons like improving your writing skills, or maybe having your own platform of journaling. Isn’t there a better alternative to this? Whatever it is, you need to find a why behind it. You need to understand if your why is whether a weak reason or a great one. You don’t want to start a blog without anything in mind. This would quickly tire and bore you out. For example, I created this blog because of these reasons – write down my thoughts and let people know, getting out of my comfort zone, improving my writing skills, and become someone who can make a difference by helping people find a solution to their problems.

If your reason is similar to mine, then I give you the next question to ask yourself.

2. What?

Now, before you blog, you gotta make sure what blogging really is.

For this, I would like to bring out two points:
1. What is blogging, as defined by the internet?
No, I won’t give you the answers to this as I want you to just get out there, and research what it really means to blog.

2. What is blogging to you?
Again, this is similar to the “why”, but this is a more in-depth question as compared to it. This is when people ask you what is blogging, and you define them the things you know about blogging. They won’t like to hear what the world defines it, they would love to hear YOUR thoughts, so just give it a try. Define blogging in your own way, it can be a 3-words definition or a 3-page, depending on what you think it is.

This is where you will realize if you are really into it. And you would thank yourself that you are not trying to be like someone else.

3. How?

Now that you are done answering the two most important questions, “how” is another step-2 question you need to ask yourself?

How should I blog?
How can I get others to acknowledge my insights?
How can I make sure I am different than what somebody has already presented in the internet world?
How should I start?
How can I inspire or help people?

I believe you could come up with better “hows” than I could, but in the meantime, make sure you ask more questions and not depend on questions already present in this post.

4. When?

This is when you are very sure that “starting a blog” is calling you out. You are super sure about it and need to plan ahead for what kind of posts and/or topics you will write about.
Questions you need to ask yourself are:

When should I start planning?
When should I create the first post?
When should I schedule my posts?
When should I take a break?

Since you are just some number of steps far to start a blog this is where I would make sure I keep check of the following things:

5. Is it worth it?

What this question makes you consider is whether it can be worth of your time.
What if it eats up your time and you might not have time to rest or maybe meditate in the morning anymore?
What if the experience as presented by other bloggers isn’t what you will get?
What if the things you now consider to be a fortune, lead to you being stagnant in your growth?
Is it worth giving it a try?
Is what I am searching for, be found in this thing?

After clearing all negative thoughts about this, you go and do it! I assure you the things you research now will be helpful in the future. Thank yourself later if this is applicable.

6. Is it for me?

Maybe someone has said, “Blogging isn’t for everyone”. I guess this is where you can ask yourself if blogging is for you.
What will I lose or gain when I blog?
Will I be content with what you get?
What will become of me if I start blogging?
Will blogging satisfy my longing for writing?

Yes, keep on asking, even if it is a lot. In the end you will notice these questions will help you define what you are doing. So don’t give up already. A prize is waiting for you at the end.

7. What niche should I take up?

Most of you will already have known what a niche is. But if you don’t, here is an assignment for you: Double click on the word “NICHE”, right click and click on wherever that says “define or search”. Found it? Good! You are a smart person!

Coming back to this, this is the most important thing to research about. Without a niche, your audience wouldn’t be much interested to stay at your website and know more about it. You have got to have a niche. I can’t help you define your niche for you, because it differs from person to person. Some people take up “Finance” as a niche, while others take up “Travelling”. You could find out about your personality, and decide your niche based on that, but you can also just google out the different niches available and pick something that suits you. But I also need you to remember that a niche is more profitable if it can solve people’s problems.

8. Target audience

Target audience is something that I have just come to understand. You would need to know a lot about who the “target audience” is. I usually see my target audience as customers or somebody interested in reading my blogs, someone having similar interests. Once you understand who the “target audience” is, you can go on to define who YOUR target audience is. My target audience could be students at school and people like you who want to start a blog. Here I defined my target audience, so my blog ideas will center around them.

9. Finances

For earning through a blog, you wouldn’t just want to stay on a free membership, rather, you will need to invest a certain amount of money, if you want to be profitable yourself, that is. I also have friends who blog for fun and not earning from them. But if you want to have a side-job, like me, this is an important step to take. Check your finances and see if you can afford to upgrade your account to a business plan so you can earn through it. But it is not mandatory to have a plan if you are getting started. You need to gain followers and subscribers first, and then, if you see it is worth upgrading, you can do so.

10. How to earn?

The last step. I wanted to include this here, although, blogging should not be seen in just the perspective. If you have just started out, believe me, it would take some time to gain followers, but you need to keep on pushing and not give up. Post blogs frequently and not let your account sit through. Engage with the blogging community so you can be more inspired and get to know more people through it. Then if you feel you are ready for it, find out ways to earn through a blog. Reach out to people who just started earning, or people who have earned tons of cash from blogging and ask for tips. Be curious and act! But if you are blogging without the want to earn, that is totally up to you.

This is the only advice I can give you. I hope you like this post. Do comment below on what you think about these tips, or if they have or have not helped you at all. Thanks for reading (and commenting). Until next time! Byeee

P.S: I have introduced myself to the world because I came through my confidence journey. I will also write about my confidence journey, but in the meantime, watch this!