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It’s been too long.

Posting my picture as this is my first step to opening up in this blog. 🙂
No edits, no filter. Just me being me. 😬

Okay so, to start off, I haven’t been doing well with my blogs. I ran out of ideas and struggled to keep up with everything and everyone. Thank you for still reading my blog posts, you mean a lot to me, you inspired me to continue this, and so I am here.

I literally am bursting out my feelings for my blog. This is my first “own thing” and I kinda blew it. I shifted my focus from my goals as well as my passion for writing.

Do you think you can help me out on this? I don’t know what to do anymore. Please comment below if you think I should continue.

So far, I have had thought about my blog and these are what I came up with:

  1. Rebranding it: I was thinking of rebranding it, because I lost my motivation to write. My blogs are not interesting to me any more than it can be for you. Hence, I am planning to shift my niche to “relationships”. Hoping that some-group-of-bodies will like what I post. But then, i figured it’s better to be
  2. Selling it: I am really overthinking to even think of selling my blog because it has nothing to sell about. It’s a costly investment I invested without really understanding what I got myself into, and now, when I do sell it, I cannot be guaranteed that the other person will benefit from it. They might even suffer too, maybe, more than I did. And they might regret buying the blog from me. Again, thinking about someone who really wants to have a blog of their own, i am thinking of just
  3. Giving it away: This is my best “option” (if there is any) when deciding what to do with my blog. I really want to do this but this needs a longer process than just to
  4. Leave it be: I wish, tho. I cannot do it anymore because it involves a lot of hard-work to even promote and let other people know and read my blogs. I forgot my motive and maybe it’s because I left my brain in the toilet. So I thought of leaving this blog thing. Therefore, I hate to say this but I might as well
  5. Continue: Believe me, this is the last thing I want to do, because I feel stuck. I don’t feel like I am inspiring or helping anyone at all anymore. So I considered to continue for the saw of my (present) followers.

I want to shout out to these amazing people here for their support –








Thank you for being here and not leaving my blog all by itself, like I did, cuz I am a fool.

With all this being said, I would like to post regularly and share my world and my life with you. Will be posting regular pictures as well as everyday journals so you can also be part of my world through this blog.

Once again, I am grateful to you all. ♥️♥️♥️

See you tomorrow. (Starting the 10-day journalling challenge tomorrow)

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