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10-morning habits I follow for a productive day

Are you a morning person? Like me? Well, I wouldn’t just define myself that, but rather, it depends on what I do for the day. Suppose, if I knew what I am going to do tomorrow at 12:27 PM, I would prepare myself for it.

The time I do these habits are bound to change on days where I feel like there is so much to do in so little time. But the habits don’t change, hence I call them habits.

Without further ado, let’s head on to the first thing I do when I wake up…

Also, I wouldn’t include stuff like brushing my hair/teeth in it because they are obvious and would just make the list longer.

Here are the 10-morning habits I follow and why I follow them:

  1. Wake up from my bed without taking a glimpse of my phone. This is the most important step for me because when you get up without touching your phone first thing in the morning, you are in control of yourself. You get to decide what to do that morning, and the whole day even. The device is a distraction to a better and healthy morning, I feel. For me, it has kept me in bed long enough to “good evening”. So, I now become in control of what I own and not the other way round. So here we are, the first-morning habit accomplished.
  2. Drink warm water. Hmm, what about drinking warm water? Well, first and foremost, I tried drinking warm water for a week and have seen such improvements in my skin. I had pimples and dry skin a week before, but now, they’re all gone! So this is why I drink my warm water every morning. It is also a great way to get your digestive system warm-up before you break the fast.
  3. Read. I love reading, it helps me think clear and organized. But I also find myself sitting with a book in my hands for as long as morning to dawn, if the book interests me too much. Hence, I read in the morning. I read either a chapter or even half of it in the morning so I don’t get caught up with other things and won’t have time for reading. I have been reading Genesis and now in Exodus. I chose to read it because I am a History major student, and the Bible has the best histories you could ever find. And after this I just
  4. Pray. Growing up, my parents made this a habit in my life. When I was little, I felt like this is the most boring thing to do, because I didn’t really know what it could impact. But now, as I grow older, I began to realize its power and its benefits. And so I pray every day. There was a time when I didn’t take this seriously, and would just meditate instead, but I feel this is more effective.
  5. 🚽 visitation. Yes, this also became a habit. How? You ask? Well, since the human body has a timeframe, and your brain helps with that. You go to it at a certain time, for a number of days, and the brain will set an alarm for it in your mind, and you will always want to do your business at a certain period of time. I made this my habit, and I don’t have to visit the *ahem for the whole day.
  6. Breakfast. This is considered a habit since it is followed by a habit. I have my breakfast after I come from the restroom/toilet/ whatever you call in your language. When my stomach is emptied and I feel the need for food. This is the best time, I feel, that you could have breakfast. By this time, the warm water has already flushed and distributed all over your body, hence the food will also digest better and sent throughout for more health and strength.
  7. Check emails and socials. After my breakfast, I am now about to take a look at my phone. This is when I usually take my phone and legit switch it on. It takes about 1.5-2.5 hours for me to reach this point of habit, which is the best thing. I got to do certain things before I even do it. After checking on all my stuff, I go on to
  8. Plan my day. I take my planner and just plan for the day. I will share what I do in a day in another post, but as of now, I just plan for the day and try to get all of them crossed out at the end of the day. I make sure to leave out the small details and just enter the entries that are most important in my day. I also keep a deadline for almost every single item on the list. Like, for example, I wrote “write a blog” and kept a 4 PM deadline just beside it. And so that is how I get through my day.
  9. Practice French. Another habit I have just taken up. Although I loved learning French, I have started learning 5 years ago. But I wasn’t consistent. But I joined a learning app – Duolingo and it is such an aid. I have never been learning and entertained at the same time.
  10. Start my day. After all that I have done, the above points, I now begin my “today” with all of the items on my to-do list. This way I understand what I should expect for today and also know when to stop working and take a break.

I hope you liked reading until here. This is what my morning looks like, and this is how it can look if you are interested to follow me through this post. But sometimes, one can never be too organized, it kills all the fun. You can make a morning routine that fits you best and try to do them accordingly.

I will now leave with this quote:

The first two hours of your morning are crucial for a productive day. Decide how they should work.

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