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What’s in my pencil case

Hey, lovelies!

What is up, you guys? So, for this week, I would really love to share with you what is in my pencil case. What I use while taking notes and what I feel is necessary to have while doing so.

I don’t usually carry a huge pencil case, because I cannot be using all of my stationery items while taking notes from the teacher’s explanation. Let’s be real, they dictate notes at 2x speed and we don’t get enough time to think about what is being written in our notebooks. This is why we need to prep before coming to class and just be ready with anything that will come our way.

But, first, I will share with you my stationery items I carry to school! Let’s go!!!

The first thing is a pencil case, so you can carry with you the items.
This is my pencil case.

I love to have a see-through or even as translucent as this so I get to see what I am reaching for. Apart from this, I have a transparent case but I usually use this for my everyday use. I carry a certain color for each item I use, depending on the theme. Today’s theme is light blue and orange.

Within this I have put up several pens and other materials I would need to use, these are:

Brush pens: This brush pen is from Add Gel. I use brush pens for writing titles for every chapter.

Highlighters: This orange highlighter by Faber Castel is used for headings, where I highlight it to make it stand out more. The blue highlighter by Luxor is for me to highlight definitions, and the black marker by Cello is used for adding a lil spice up on the notes – like shadows and all of that.

Sketch Pens: These sketch pens are also used for highlighting different things apart from the above-mentioned. Again, just for a spice-up.

Colored Pens: I have a variety of colored pens by Luxor (big) and Montex(small); these are mostly used for underlining sub-headings or something I would like to remember the next time I check my notes.

Writing Pens: I use black-inked Maxriter pens and my dad’s conference pens. I don’t really know the names or the company that makes my dad’s pens as they are mostly gifts and handouts.

Eraser, Ruler, and Pencil: I use an eraser bought from the local shops; Ruler by Apsara (they are more rigid as compared to others) and the mechanical pencils are from Flair. I have an extra non-mechanical pencil, just in case, I would need it.
A pair of scissors: This is brought from Amazon. This pair of scissors is a very handy and pocket-sized designed favorite.
Staplers: Apart from all this is my stapler. In this side of the world, staplers are a necessity for all since there is yet to be an alternative to clipping papers together.

So this is all I have in my pencil case. If you would like to find out more about this, click here! This will lead you to something more than just a pencil case.

Thank you for being here at this time and reading this. More power to you and see you next time!

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