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Contentment with minimalism

Hi and welcome back!

Phew! That title wanted me to end here, to make this a minimalist blog, but hey, I just can’t seem to let you go. 😏

So, you want to know, if not apply, how minimalists learn to become content with what they own and leave the rest of the world behind them (literally… )?

Here is my version of minimalism:

  1. Less clutter: This is the best part of being a minimalist. You declutter by throwing or giving away so you can have good enough, minimized necessities for yourself. You choose which ones to keep and which ones to throw away, (most minimalists go to the extreme and keep away almost everything and have just one unit of necessity each).
  2. Down-size: I would love to downsize my house, but I first need to own one, lol. Downsizing is something that you build so there is more room to keep your important things (e.g., kids, dogs, spouse, and your furniture). But then somehow, learning that minimalism is a happier lifestyle and pocket-friendly (the money is wisely spent, dude), then you begin to downsize what you have. Now, all I can think of is a house, but there are plenty of things you can downsize (like the number of pair of shoes (ooh, I can think of something else))
  3. Understanding the difference between a necessity and a luxury: Here, you become more aware of things around you and begin to understand why you don’t want to have things as “Mrs. so and so” has. Then will you become content, because you got down to its roots and decipher which is best for you…
  4. More appreciation: This is where I found my sweet spot. You get more free time to appreciate what is around you than worrying about what you want to own more. My life has been so joyful because I am now more appreciative of people and things around me. This is such a blessing and it has kept me sane all this while.
  5. Eco-friendly: Like some genius once said, “Wants are unlimited”, I hereby, would like to want less of everything. Look at how the environment all over the world is suffering just because of what man “thinks he needs”. If we we’re less needy and became content during civilization in the late centuries, we wouldn’t be hurting the Earth as we are now. Therefore, I want less for myself. Less of me, even.

Now that all is said and done, I would like to give you the truth as how it really is:

  1. Sometimes, minimalism makes you feel like you need more because people have more and their lives seem easier. But let me tell you this, the consumerism of people all over the world, be it the rich or the poor, the exploiters or the exploited, have created a culture as such, where want is another factor that man lives by, without which the whole world (including animals and the abiotic) will not survive. Yes, we have ‘wants’, because we know they exist. Like animals would love to have cell phones, if they know, since they will be wherever and still be able to communicate with the fam.
  2. It is not applicable everywhere: Yes, minimalism is great and all but it applies to physical things mostly. We might not be able to apply this elsewhere non-physical, like spiritually or emotionally. We can say we’re being minimalistic when we have fewer friends, no, instead the more the merrier and better. We can’t say I will feel less because I am a minimalist, rather that is something to be used on a daily basis, so we can become better humans in this life.
  3. It is a lifestyle, like the luxurious and the bohemian lifestyles. It’s a want. We “want” to live a minimalist lifestyle, thereby, canceling out the meaning of the word itself. If this was not to be presented as a lifestyle rather as a “runs in my genes” theory, then this would have been a whole different concept. Let me explain. (Getting biblical here) As proved, all humans came to emerge from the first woman, Eve. She must have been a minimalist since she doesn’t have the technology to plow the fields and still lives with animals, thereby, understanding their needs too and all that stuff. So, we could say that could be implemented in schools and taught to growing kids, how to become less needy about everything and be content with what we already own and to think of how other things that they are surrounded by being affected by it.

So that is all I have for you today. Stay tuned in for more!

In the meantime, if you have any thoughts regarding minimalism, do share in the comments below. Even better if you could share, how minimalism has affected your life.

Thanks for being here and being super cute. 😉😉

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