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What time is it?

Ahhh… You must be wondering what time is for real. Well, that’s a good start off here…

So, have you ever felt something clicking with what you have aspired for soooooo long and said to yourself, “What perfect timing!”? What I am about to help you realize about time now will be what I, personally, see time is.

Time ticks differently for all. For you, time might be a dimension, for others, a healing therapy, and for me, it could be an acquaintance. But judging by the different types of people reading this blog right now, we can just come to a common ground with “time”. YES! We all are given the same amount, regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity, or fingerprint patterns, even. Time is equally distributed, where each of us is given a choice – how to use it, who to spend it with, why not make it productive, when to take time for ourselves, and so on…

So here are 5 truths I realized about time (which you might have too):

  1. Time waits for no one: Has anybody told you this too? There might have been instances where you were stood up and you had to do things alone. This is one of the examples where people made a choice to spend their precious time somewhere else, which couldn’t wait after their meeting with you. Hence, they stood you up and you are left with nothing but yourself. But do you somehow feel guilty or sad that they left you waiting for their arrival when they didn’t even show up? This is when you realize time waits for no one. The choices you make now determines what your to-do list is listed.
  2. There is no tomorrow: Have you met him – Mr. Tomorrow? Well, that’s because he doesn’t exist. Tomorrow never comes, really. When the day after today comes, it is called today, and not tomorrow. This is also known to be a privilege for me and you to make a choice. How do I use today to its full potential? When do I stop this, what time will I come home? or stuffs like that. Now that you realize that tomorrow is not what it ought to be, think about it! Think about how you’re gonna make a difference (or how you’re gonna make it different) and just begin already! Point 1: Time waits for no one. So, don’t give it a second thought and do what you love now!
  3. A day is not really a day: Another realization: 24 hours is not exactly 24 hours. But how is that even possible? Like I said, time flows differently for others. And why did I use the word flow here, noticed that? Well because time has no shape, like water, therefore we say it flows. But most science-geeks don’t believe in that concept (my made-up concept, lol). I don’t mind them, at all. Time feels like it’s running when we are doing something we love to do, like sleep 😋, but it turns into a tortoise when we don’t like what we do, but we have to do it anyway. So, 24 hours doesn’t seem like 24 hours, in fact, it depends on what we are doing for the day, it flows as per what we feel. Time is an illusion, perhaps.
  4. Life is time, and time is life, hence the word “Lifetime”: Haha, that was some weird humor, but wait! It is true. Life is just a timeline of ourselves. We grow really fast under the age of 10 or so, and growth seems to be slowing down when we reach our teenage years, “I want to grow up faster so that I can do …………..” we said. Why is that? Because it is a timeline. We can wait to reach into another sphere of the timeline, thinking it would change for us. Some agreed that it’s fun to grow up, some, eh not so much. But then we will eventually reach the end of the timeline and the flow will stop. All of a sudden you will feel weird that you’ve reached the finish line, but at the same time happy to have achieved this accomplishment of living life. Live life to the fullest and enjoy while you are still in the timeline.
  5. There is a time (and place, but mostly time) for everything: This actually contradicts with the first but, there is a reason for this. This is, like, a rule for us not to chase time, but, instead, let it have us. Let it lead us when it wants us to. You want that job so bad? But you’re just 15? Time here is teaching us patience so that when we have it, we will be more mature and become the best version of ourselves. Hence, chase things when you have an 89% chance of achieving them. But if it requires you to wait, have a wait on it and you will, later on, thank yourself for it.

That is all I have for you today! Thanks for dropping by 😉

I hope you have a wonderful time from here on out! 😊😊

Until next time! 🙋🏽‍♀️

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