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Break it off!

Hey guys!

I hope your grass is greener still! I haven’t been blogging much lately, mainly because I was just sooooo caught up with chores and running errands all day. I have just got a chill-time so here is me:

You didn’t expect I would just drop a picture, did ya?

Anyways, life has been a roller-coaster ride for the past few weeks. For some reason, I felt productive when I take a break… Do you feel the same way too?

You wanna know what types of breaks to take? I have clubbed a list together for you down here:

Just take a break

  1. If you have studied/ read for 25-40 minutes. A five or ten will do. Studies hve proved that it’s more effective for you to take a break, rather than just do it all at once. You don’t eat food for a month, do you? You eat food for a day or at least for half of a day. Same thing with this.
  2. When you are 1/3 done with your work. For this, don’t take too much break time because it might lead to procrastination. Better if you take a 5 mins or less break. Do something quick, like try to solve an easy-level sudoku within 5 mins. This will boost your brain, even better, na?
  3. After you skipped the first two points and decide to work through whatsoever. Take a break, son! I know you are a workaholic, and you finished the job without taking one. But wait, don’t start another one without a break. You could spare sometime, just some 5-10 mins won’t take you that far. You won’t be late if you don’t start late.
  4. Before you begin. Haha! You say, “But I haven’t started yet!” Well that is the point, take a break: Put on some music | take a deep breath | stretch out first
    then do it. Work it off!
  5. Take a break when you don’t have anything to do (like me) and procrastinate! But be productive as well. Else your brain would take you a fool and wouldn’t like to help you out the next time you want to be productive.

Okay so that is all I have for a break.

Next up, we talk about some inspiraaaaa………..

Win, not because of the incentives you get from it, but because if you do, you can help others win too


Life is not all about how you look or who you are to your close acquaintances, rather how you help others become a better version of themselves.


You don’t have to be better to pride up yourself, rather improve yourself to enhance the skillset of others. That way we can become equal in this world.


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