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7 cold and flu home remedies that your body will love! 💕💕

Hey there! I have been so inconsistently blogging that I don’t know how to make time for this thing! I sometimes stumble upon a lotta work outside of this digital world that I tend to forget this existed lol.

Anywhooooo!!! I have been so so sick for the past few days and whew I am healed! All thanks to my Carer and the remedies I found in aid of cold and flu. Oooh! Why not share them with ya as well? You might need them if you ever feel sick or if maybe someone you know does and you could recommend them what I share here. Still up to you tho! 😊😊

Hmmm…. but before that… Howdy-do thee? I so wanna know… Has the world been kindlier to you so far? How have you survived the storms and the raging thunders so far. As much as I hope that they won’t come again, I also would like for us to grow… and the storms and thunders act as catalysts for our growth… Just like that, you grow and continue to grow. Could you please be a dear and lemme know what your storms and thunder might be… anonymously if you want 😁 (don’t you think this smiley is a bit creepy? Uh! I am drifting away from the point again 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

Okay! Let’s jump in on the “Cold and Flu shoo-hacks”! Sounds so sophisticated lol!

If you are kinda starting to feel sick, like having that nose-nerving smell that’s giving you chills all over your body and give you a hint of what’s gonna come…. Try these out!

  1. Honey: Oh honey! Look who’s here?! Honey is said to have medicinal properties that will help you vanish away those tiny lil’ things that cause flu and/or cold. Just mix this gem with the following ingredients or you could even take one tablespoon of honey and a glass of warm water (warm enough for your throat) and gulp it away!
  2. Ginger: Ginger is my best friend! You mash it, you eat it raw, or you take the juice of it (mix it with water, that is) and its like the best medicine a self-prescribed human could possible have 😉
  3. Turmeric: Turmeric could cure your pain away if you have it with pepper and milk. Try it out. I did this when I had tonsillitis as well. Loooooved it!
  4. Garlic: Garlic works well with ginger and honey… If you have that big-seed garlic, it just suffice! If you have the smaller ones maybe a two or three would do.. Mix it with honey and ginger.. ooh! Add some pepper into it as well
  5. Salt: But why not? I included salt here as well since it’s popular and without it you cannot live for long.. But what I am talking about here is GARGLE!! Yep! That old, traditional method even your grandma would love to stress more on this!
  6. Pepper: Pepper? Really? Well, this is a catalyst for almost all of the natural remedies.. Mix this with soup, or with honey, you can also just add lemon and salt with it. It helps!
  7. Hot Liquids: Liquids could be hot water (again, hot enough for your throat, since if you have a high fever, you might not feel the hotness of the water until it reaches your throat), chicken soup (this helps even more if you feel like you lost your taste buds and nothing tastes as good as they should be), and milk (medicinal indeed, but if you are lactose intolerant, you could try out tea or something you could actually drink, 😎 )

Things to avoid

  • Ice cream! Why? Because it might negate the above medications (lol, sounds cool when I call it that) and just gives you more chill! I know you feel so damn hot right now but what do you do when you need to take care of your body this one time so you have to sacrifice something later
  • Wind! Please understand that you cannot be exposed to wind at this time, you will have extra chills and just have to sleep in more. Warm yourself and take good care of that sick body!
  • Screen time! This is the time that you get off social media or just your digitals for a while and get some rest! Your body demands you to close your eyes and just take some much-needed breaks. You could still listen to soft and calming music if you please. This would help you with calming yourself at this time.
  • Stress! No…… stressing! Got bills to pay? Ask for help! Need to deliver this current project right away? Again, ask for help! Just take care at this time and get some damn rest! Your body will thank you for it!

Are you just here reading this and might not need it at a later time? Check out my other blogs here! You will at least love one of them! 😉

But I owe you so much for making this fun! I am able to write this even now is because I have you! I write this for you, even if I didn’t get any chance to know you but deep inside there is a connection, something that pushes me to write it to you. I hope a day will come when I get to know you in person and spend both of our times nourishing naturistic beauty and loving life the way it is now!

I hope you had fun reading this.. Don’t forget to comment below if you have anything you want to make it known. Would love to hear what you have to say! 😍

Until next time!

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