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A day in the Life


So far, it has been a great day indeed. I will narrate to you a day in my life today 🙂 I hope you will like it and find something that could add value to your life as you go on and live it to the full extent!

But, before going there, I would like to appreciate you for being here. Not here, reading this, but for accomplishing so much of your milestones and reaching this point where I just can’t help but feel proud of you! I might not know what you go through, sadness or happiness, pain or joy, but whatsoever that you are going through right now, I am just proud of where you are, what you are doing for the world, your world. 😄 Keep sky-rocketing this way, and move on to a greater level of greatness!

And, we’re back to the “A day in my life”

I wanted to write something significant about this but I just couldn’t do more than what I already did. It was a day well spent for me. I hope it lights you up as you read through and inspirit you to create your kind of fun.

Diving in at the count of 3…. 2…… 1… and weeeeee!!!

I start my day by going through my planner( I write my plans for the next day before going to bed so that I don’t need to get up early and plan my day)

Then I made some breakfast and did some chores for the day. After completing all of that, I just go for a walk in the neighborhood, listening to my favorite devotional plan.

When I reached home, I just started to meditate and clear my mind out. On doing that, I find out that there is this clutter almost every person might have that would over-occupy our think-tank which would just slow down your creativity and speed of your brain. Doing meditation helps in so many ways. Meditation is a must for you if you feel like you are a busy-bee and you don’t just have time for anything. Try it out today!

After my meditation, I played with my pets for a while and head off to taking a bath and getting myself ready for the day.

I don’t usually like to just take bath and immerse myself in the tub then head out, but what I usually do is I keep these wonderful candles beside me so I can relieve myself from stress. At first, I thought of not buying them, but then a friend recommended them to me cuz, she knows how much stressful my job is.

After taking a soothing bath, I then move out of the house and went to my best friend’s house, and we both went cycling together 😊

We strolled around the city for 3 hours and finally decided to have our lunch at a typical, tiny restaurant in the city center. We then parked the two-wheels beside a golf course and we chilled on it for a while, had some laughs, and cherished some memories.

When dusk almost approached, both of us headed back home to where I find myself spending time with some other friends that came over; had some coffee and some things we conversed for some time. After they left, I just attended a virtual meeting at work and came in to write to you about my day.

I loved today mainly because I get to submerge my soul in the fresh breeze beating against my face while we were cycling through the forest roads, and synchronizing myself with nature while we were on the golf course.

What do you love about your day today? Let me know in the comments below..

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