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The day after

Hello hello,

I hope you had a great day so far! By the way, I broke down yesterday just after writing the first blog on not giving up. Met ol’ depression during the night and was not able to sleep.

Well, things happen, and we move on. So I started researching some things on the internet to monetize what I do. And guess what?! I found something, and I will just be doing that.

I haven’t seen a lot of things happening around the corners anymore. Maybe the world is a better place now, I hope.

I came here just to question Why we live in this world if not to influence one another?

The answer I found is quite intriguing, “To be influenced.”

How have you influenced someone today? Is it a good or a bad influence?

If you didn’t, how have others influence you? Do you feel more worthy of living in this world now that you have tasted of their ‘influenza’, or do you feel like you’re going to give up anyway? I will comment as well. I just want to see how you think about this first.

See you soon!

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